Brief Introduction

By simulating USB Keyboard, UI017 receive ASCII from UART, transfer to PC in the form of Keyboard data format, ASCII will be displayed in notepad. It’s suitable for barcode scanner, electronic scale, RFID reader, ID card reader, etc.

Key Features

  • Full/Low Speed USB HID interface, DON’T need to install any drive and software,
  • plug and play
  • 5V or 3.3V, 9600N81 UART interface
  • Supports 32/64bits windows2000/xp/vista/win7/8 and Linux
  • Supports Android tablet, mobile phone OTG interface(Some of them don’t support Full Speed UI017, only support Low Speed UI017)
  • Supports the full keyboard key by using HID Usage ID input mode
  • Supports ASCII between0x01~0x7F
    • Note: 0x0D, 0x0A are both converted to ENTER key. 0x0D0A will be converted to two ENTER keys
  • Supports ASCII, HID Usage ID input mode. These two modes can be switched at anytime.
  • Supports releasing key automatically or non-automatically
  • Supports 21 multimedia keys
    • 3 System Control keys: Power Down, Sleep, Wake Up
    • 4 Shortcut keys: Open Email, Open Calculator, Open Explorer, Open Explorer to Search
    • 8 Player Control Keys: Open Player, Play/Pause, Stop, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, Last File, Next File
    • 6 Web Browse Control Keys: Open Browser/Home, Back, Forward, Stop, 
    • Refresh, Bookmarks
  • Full Speed UI017 support 256 characters per second
  • Low Speed UI017 support 50 characters per second
  • Simple peripheral circuit
    • No external crystal, reset circuit required
    • ONLY NEED two capacitors
  • SOP14/SOP18 package
UI017 Datasheet

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一端为DB9头输入命令,另一端为UI017模拟键盘 一端为USB虚拟串口输入命令,另一端为UI017模拟键盘